07 November 2011

Fat vs Fluffy - Entry #2

Well, today was my downfall. I was so hungry at lunch. I normally am one of those obsessive people who don't go to fast food places to eat, unless I have reviewed the nutritional section of the menu. Yeah, I know, I'm weird.

Today I was hungry,  but not sure what for. Where I work, there is a variety of guilty pleasures... Cousin's, Subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Culvers, Panera Bread, Buffalo Wild Wings... and the list goes on and on.

There are places I avoid because the nutritional honesty gives me heart palpitations.

When all else fails, I find myself going to the grocery store and buying a fresh salad. Those actually hit the spot on occasion.

Today, a lost lamb, I had to get out, so I started driving. I only had a few dollars in my purse, so that limited my travels. It was... Culvers. I have been having the worst craving for a burger. Not a veggie burger, not a turkey burger, not a plain burger... I wanted a sloppy one, with everything, including gooey cheese... 

And that's what I had! Yes, it tasted good, it subdued by craving, and now I hate myself, but I guess I will get over it. (PS - does the Diet soda help offset the pain at all???)

Oh yummy - not quite as pretty, but oh so yummy!!!!

1 comment:

PTC said...

I take it Culvers is a burger place? I love seeing different chains (food, grocery stores) when I travel.

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