23 January 2012

My mom - like having another child

In 2007, my mom had hip surgery. She has a heart arythmia and she is on blood thinners, along with high cholesterol... and I am part of all this, thanks to the wonder family gene pool.

Anyway... she went in for a test today and her doctor just called. Her blood count is way off. Anyway, she obviously has not paid attention to her "what not to eat" which just goes to show that we all get too comfortable with our routines and habits and tend to "forget" what we need to remember. Apparently, 3 salads a day will fuck with the blood thinner. Hello? Even I knew that... apparently she "forgot", until I reminded her that the bad mix can cause blood clots, stroke, etc.

The color left her face. I have a hard enough time keeping track of myself, why do I need to watch an 80-year old who acts like she knows it all???


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