17 January 2012

One person - get in line!!!!

Today is one of those type of days.
I am one person. I cannot be everywhere at once. I have two ears... only one if I'm on the phone. I know your voice over the phone when you say hello, but I am really hoping you aren't calling to ask for help. I can only finish one thing at a time... Right now I have at least a dozen going and NOTHING done. I understand it's an emergency... but it'll have to wait. You really need to ask WHY I am on anxiety and stress meds??? I know you asked me for that... it's on my desk... somewhere. When I find it, I'll get to it, and then I'll let you know. Yes, I am working on it. No, I don't know when it will be done. No, I don't have any idea. I know you need it NOW. It'll have to wait until I get done with yesterday's emergencies. Yes, I got your email, it's about 20 down in my inbox. I can only do one thing at a time... and do it right.

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