29 December 2011

Bloggy Moms December 2011 Blog Dare

Thursday December 29, 2011 - My New Years Resolution{s}...

Okay, so here we go again... the new year... the new year's resoluations...
So, we do make resolutions that we REALLY want to accomplish, or do we make the ones that we know we will are a shoe in to do? (That is the question).

My usual... all too often...
1. Lose weight
2. Go to the gym more often
3. Take more time for me
4. Find time to relax
5. Spend more time with my son
6. Stop (or cut back) on procrastinating.
7. Pass my upcoming college courses
8. Update my resume
9. Find happiness in my life

You do realize... this list could keep going on...
so I guess I'll spare you the pain of reading it, so I will end it here.

P.S... If we accomplish something exciting, can we add it to the list, so we can cross it off???? (Just checking!)

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