07 December 2011


My mom has been on my case... like last night, I didn't feel up to eating. I just was not in the mood for meatloaf. I don't have anything against it - I just wasn't hungry. She asked me "are you on a diet AGAIN? you aren't eating." She had THAT TONE in her voice... Whatever! I ate my baked potato... and part of the meatloaf. The way she asked the question, she implied that I am always on a diet. I am NOT, but I will not argue with her. I try to watch what I eat and I hate eating and feeling miserable. I hate it when I feel bloated. I hate it when my clothes are uncomfortable. Trust me, if I was on a diet... she would probably be the first to know... and then I would still catch hell! If people would just worry about themselves and not others, it would be great. And by the way Mom... it's not the bag of jellybeans that made you gain 10 pounds... it's the bag of chocolate candy in your drawer and the rest of the junk you eat while laying in bed at night... Hmpf. Go Figure!!!!

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