25 December 2011

Holiday Frustrations

The holidays are good, but I have a hard time getting into them. I find myself getting depressed and feeling a strong anxiety. My niece is thin, pretty, has a great husband, life, etc. My other niece is gorgeous, her family has money, her boyfriend is great, and she is happy. My brother and his wife have a nice house, in the lake,  and go on vacation.  And then there is me... I'm a full-time, single mom, divorced, unhappy with my body, no self-esteem, working full-time, going to school, living with my mom, and living paycheck to paycheck. I'm envious. And jealous. And miserable. I feel useless and worthless and like a failure, compared to those in my family.


Mind Of Mine said...

Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous slippery slope.

I hope things get better for you.

Merry Christmas.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I hope things get better:( I am a new follower to your blog via GFC. I blog at www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com if you would like to follow. Merry Christmas!

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