08 December 2011

Moving on...

I am a mom. I am a head-strong woman. I am a hard-worker. I am a college graduate. I am smart. I am conscientious.

I am stressed. I am struggling...

How do we know when it might be time to move on with our job? I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love the people I work for. But I just don't know anymore. I feel like I am being left out of the loop. I am so damn busy, but no one offers to help. It's like I am the fall guy... dump it on me, it'll get done. I also answer the reception desk, do customer service, work with our guys in the field, work with our engineers, make sure there is coffee for the office, and the list goes on. When all else fails, give it to me... it'll get done. I am one that takes on work and doesn't ask for help. I don't like to delegate because it's easier to do it myself... do it right the first time... than to fix someone else's mess. And then there are the salesmen and customers who have my name... they come to me because they know they will get it done. And since I have been doing this for so long, they have faith that I know what I am doing.

I am frustrated. I feel like I am getting dumped on, in the corner, while others do only what they want to do. No one seems to understand that someone has to do this stuff.

How do you know when it might be time to look at moving on?


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Blyro's Books said...

When you feel like you are not happy anymore with it, and a greener pasture is there waiting for you, why not?

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