10 December 2011

My child vs cell phones

I am starting to believe I should let my son stress-test cell phones. He is 14 and has destroyed every phone he has had, by accident or otherwise.

His first was thrown on the ground by a friend and a bus ran over the battery cover, so electrical tape to the rescue. The second self-destructed because it doesn't like hanging in the bathroom during showers that fog up the house. The next was refurbished. The screen imploded while he was on it. Next was my LG Tritan. Did good until he had it in the pocket of his cargo pants (aka chipmunk pants) and climbed out of my car, hitting the seat latch into the touch screen. GONE!!!! Ok. Then the most recent... had his phone & iPod next to the lamp. Cats decided to rough house. Lamp fell, iPod fell, and ceramic lamp crashed into phone touch screen. HELLOOOOOOO! DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE??????? Guess what... he will have to live with it! Money is short, so that is that. I know he was frustrated with the phone, but a new one AIN'T happening!!!!

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