07 December 2011

My cat just blew the world!

Ok, I am laying here, relaxing, reading mommy blogs, watching Ghost Hunters and drinking a (fairly decent) Chardonnay.

Suddenly, it sounds like popcorn popping and things started crashing.

Our chunky-monkey, orange tabby Tiger, got nosey, and got tangled.in a plastic grocery bag. NOT COOL!!!

Suddenly a 10-lb, asthma-ridden, 4-year old bull in a China shop starts tearing through the house, freaking out. (To say the least).  He went under my nightstand, around my waterbed,  under my headboard, spilled my wine (damn!!), dragged my sons game cartridges into the hall, and woke the ENTIRE house before we rescued the bag.

Well, Typhoon Tiger hit and there's a mess to clean up.... and no Tiger to be seen for miles!!!!


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