07 April 2012

Another day...

It has been a long week. I have felt like crap and have been running nonstop. I don't have time to be sick or time for me.

I have done a few things though. My son and I have been a part of a local gym, unfortunately, it's on the far side of town, amidst road construction and railroad tracks. Timing has totally sucked and I can't make it to work out and then get to work in the morning without stressing myself out. By the time I get done with work, I do not want to face more traffic to work out. Okay, so I am spending money (I really don't have) on something I don't use... or something that causes me more stress.

Anyway, this past week, I visited a new gym about 2 miles from our house (strategically-located between home and work) and signed us up. I didn't have to think twice. I just did it. My son was excited. We went back that night and worked out. We went yesterday. This is good.

I have felt like hell since Wednesday, so Thursday night, I did an excessive amount of sleeping. Yesterday I did a lot too.

Totally threw my body off by not taking my meds... especially my anti-depressants and my secondary meds.

I need to get back on track. I hate feeling like hell. I hate stress. I hate being depressed. I hate feeling messed up.

Today, I am working to get back on track...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have soooo been there.. The whole thing. The traffic, the working out, the working out with kids, the working, the meds.. Ugh.. It's a bumpy road but you can (and will) make it back. Working out is amazing for the mind and body.
I will cheer you on every step of the way! :)

Happy Easter!

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