18 April 2012

WWTK Wk 53


Here is what Crazymama sent:

It's standardized testing week here and in an attempt to send the herd out the door with a full belly I've made hot breakfast for them. So i'm on a food kick. Thus the questions.

{1} What is your favorite go to breakfast recipe for special occasions or company?
I usually just like to make omelets or my son makes french toast.

{2} What is your policy for kids that don't want to eat what you are serving? Fine, go without.

{3} Do you take treats to neighbors? What kind? Yes, cookies, cake, breads.

{4} What is your most used spice in your cupboard? (Besides salt or pepper). Southwest seasoning

{5} What is your favorite fruit ? Do you have a Fave veggie? Fruit - I like Bananas and Watermelon. Veggies... guess I would say tomatoes.

Bonus question.... {6} It was tax day here in the US. Did you get a return? How do you spend it? Yep, got a return -paid of the child's braces!!! Woo Hoo!!!


dddiva said...

I want to be your neighbor. Seriously. Yay for getting the dental work paid off, that's a big one.

Jo said...

O me to i want a Keith our like you! Ugh still paying for my braces.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I wish we were neighbors! :D

Linking from Mamarazzi's,
Ricki Jill

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome use of the return!

omelets. amazingly not a huge answer today. sounds good though.

thanks for linking up!

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