12 April 2012

The next day...

Last night, my son and I went to the gym. I had my first initial appointment with their in-house personal trainer, to talk about what I want to gain from the gym and to teach me how to use much of the equipment.

We talked about working out, exercise, health, nutrition, and goals. Of course, in order to be completely honest and let him know what he was truly dealing with, I told him about my demons and what I fight with. It's amazing how easy it was to tell him that, and how much difference that can make on my training. Like they say, you cannot accept help until you are willing to admit you have a problem.

So, I talked to the trainer, I explained what I face with working out and eating... he was awesome. He was able to work with me and gave me ideas and hints and tips.

It is truly easier to get the best feedback and guidance when you are honest with the situation.

He also understands my desire to keep my son moving, and not to see him go down the same path I did.

I think this was a good decision... and hope it make it work!

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