16 April 2012

Monday Listicle 04/16/12

10 Reasons Celebrities are Just Like Us...

1. They are going to get old.

2. They are going to have gray hair (whether we see it or not is a different story).

3. They want their "me time" too.

4. They have to go shopping some time.

5. They go to the doctor and dentist.

6. They have children like the rest of us.

7. They eat the same types of foods we do.

8. They have bills (although many more).

9. They have to take a driver's test to get their license.

10. They have to follow the laws too.



Stasha said...

Agree 100% . Wonder how many of them flunk the drivers test after DUI ? :)

Jackie said...

Interesting take on this prompt!

Yoli N. said...

Do they HAVE to follow the laws? Hum... They should, I'm highly suspicious about some of them.... lol

jacqui said...

Funny how I never think about celebrities having to go to the dentist or the DMV.

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