24 April 2012

fat day

Went to the gym. Felt good until the cramp in the stomach.

I feel like hell. Trying to monitor my eating and being sure to exercise. My major problem is dinner at home. I can't control it, I can't make decisions on it. Someone else makes the meal... Someone who is set in her old-fashioned ways. The meals are not the healtiest, they come out of the freezer or a box.

I am frustrated and feel gross. I feel fat and ugly. I don't like anything about me and wish I could feel better.

I struggle and fight with my heart and soul. Tonight is bad for me. Tonight is depression and sadness.

I watch my breakfast and lunch. I know I can control those meals. Dinner is not an option. I am then trying to help my son stick to this and get healthy. I am trying so hard.

I am stressed and miserable today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I so feel for you on this.. I've been at the mercy of others decisions.. It just feels like sabotage.. You can only control what you can control so if unhealthy dinners are it, think about weight watchers. You can eat anything on their plan, it's all about portion control. :)
Don't give up on you. You have a cheering section out here!!!
I know you will succeed with this!

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